Me first!


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Call me selfish, call me moody Рbut the fact is, I have half of the world drooling over my pulsating moves. I am vagina. And I demand the fulfillment of my own needs over that thick, pointless, dunce of a tool.

For centuries, women have given orgasms. But ladies, let’s be honest. How many of us actually get one. I can’t even remember the last one I got one. Perhaps, I never did.

From a teenager in the back of the car seat to an adult woman in the bedroom, I have seen guys finish themselves off in a few minutes and look at me with a glorious smile plastered all over the face. ‘Did you come?‘, I ask rightly knowing the answer but hoping to ignite a sense of shame in them. ‘YES!‘ is all I get back. No apologies, no effort taken by them to give me any pleasure. And then they have the nerve to lean in for a kiss. WHAT FOR? Is that your way of saying sorry? But then again, you will repeat this right after. You will repeat this every single day. What am I to do? Ah, I am too ¬†old to feel sorry for myself. I have decided to put my needs over them. I refuse to do anything even remotely sexual to them, unless they make me orgasm.

Are you like me?